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Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

Solar panels are an investment for the future. Solar panels are energy efficient, lead to greener houses and businesses and can save you money over time. At Solar Brave, we help you with solar panel installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Harness the power of the sun with Solar Brave!

what we do

We Create Green Energy for Everyone

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values energy independence and efficiency. Start using flexible and green energy now with solar power.

Contact our team today and our experts will help make your home or business more eco-friendly and entirely self-sufficient. With solar power, you can help contribute to a better future.

Solar Panel Installation

Our team of energy experts can conduct a free inspection of your property to determine how solar power can benefit your sustainability. We will also determine how many solar panels are necessary to make you completely energy independent. From there, our team of experienced technicians will come out and install your solar panels quickly and efficiently so that there is little to no interference with your energy usage.

Solar Panel Maintenance

We won’t just cut and run once we install your panels! Solar panels, like most other household components, may require some maintenance from time to time to keep them running at their best. Things like weather, wear-and-tear, and mechanical failures can disrupt your panels from working like they are supposed to. Our technicians can come out to your property and quickly diagnose what the issue is. They can then fix the situation and get your solar panels back up and running in no time.

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Perks of Solar Energy

Low Maintenance

Solar panels typically require little to no maintenance. They work efficiently in the background while you go on enjoying uninterrupted service to your home or business. If there ever is a problem, our team of expert technicians can fix the issue quickly.

Renewable Source of Energy

With solar energy, you are relying on the sun to power your home. No longer do you have to rely on city power grids that could fail from time to time. While your neighborhood may have a down power line or a storm that comes through and shuts off everyone's power, you can be relaxing comfortably in your home with working utilities thanks to this renewable source of energy.

Easy Installation

Our solar panels are quick and easy to install. There will be little to no disruption of your energy usage while waiting for your new panels to be hooked up to your home. Then you can start enjoying renewable energy by harnessing the power of the sun!

Saving Money

With typical energy sources, you have to factor in monthly bills to your budget. It can be hard to properly allocate a certain amount because energy bills can fluctuate with usage throughout the year. With solar power, there is a fixed rate you pay each month, so you will always know how much your energy bill will be and you can budget accordingly without any unexpected surprises.

Saving Nature

We all want to work towards building a better future for the planet. Solar energy doesn't harm the planet by relying on non-renewable energy sources. If you want to make your home or business greener, solar panels are the way to go. You can live comfortably with peace of mind knowing that you are helping the planet.

Who We Serve


We have helped many homes integrate solar energy into their lives. No matter the size of your home, we can help determine how many solar panels are needed to properly power it. Our panels have a sleek, low-profile design that won’t distract from the look of your home.


Energy bills can be a frustrating part of overhead costs for your business. We can handle solar panel installation and maintenance for your business as well! Take control of your energy output and pay a fixed rate each month so you can use the additional savings to invest in other parts of the business

RV Solar Panels

For those wanting to live a more nomadic lifestyle, did you know that you can power your RV with renewable solar energy? You can install solar panels on your RV to provide renewable energy throughout your energy. Solar panels tie in perfectly with the RV lifestyle and make your vehicle more energy efficient and sustainable.


Solar Panels FAQs

At Solar Brave, our solar panels have a sleek, low-profile design. Some solar panels are unsightly and take up a lot of space. We created ours with that in mind and created a product that people won’t mind having on their house or business.

This depends on how much energy output is estimated for your home or business. However, the true benefit lies in knowing that you will pay a fixed rate each month. Your bill won’t change month to month so you can budget accordingly knowing how much goes into your bill.

Yes! You can use solar energy to power your entire home, no matter the size! The sun is a powerful source of renewable energy and can keep your home or business running efficiently.

This depends on how many panels you are having installed. On average, you can have your panels installed and operational in the same day.


Contact Us Today for Help with Solar Panel Installation

Ready to make the switch to renewable solar energy? Contact Solar Brave today to take one step closer to energy independence and efficiency.